For many years, Elrad has been cooperating with specialists in product design, engineering, contact technology and other technologies to ensure that we not only deliver the best quality possible for your electronic products (PCB-assembly), but also take care of the mechanical side of the product. We are very much aware that only a seamless integration of both the mechanical and electronic functions ensures the flawless operation of your product. It also saves our customers from the additional effort and time spent coordinating multiple suppliers necessary to build their products.

Dafra Kontakt Tehnologija

Dafra Kontakt Tehnologija, is a family -owned business designing and manufacturing precision metal and composite components and contact parts for customers who prefer to outsource their production to a specialist. Dafra engineers have developed products for a variety of market sectors, like the automotive industry, power tools industry, power controls industry, house hold appliances and the electronic manufacturing industry. Dafra mainly operates in Slovenia, Germany and Austria, but also supplies its products to customers in the Netherlands, Poland, Tunisia, Slovakia, Serbia, and even China and Mexico. Dafra offers services such as:

  • Feasibility study and design
  • Prototype production
  • In-house design of all necessary tools
  • Managing and controlling of outsourced tool making
  • Material selection, controlling of galvanizing
  • Purchase and stock keeping of materials
  • Progressive stamping of highly precise parts
  • Hybrid plastic injection
  • Welding, reel taping, assembly and packaging of products
Elrad Wire Systems

The ELRAD WS company is a private-owned business established in 2009. The company’s main business activities are development and manufacture of wire´s, wire set´s and hybrid wire – metal – plastic injection parts. Its products are built into cars, power tools, small appliances, printed circuits, fuses, switches, etc.

The production facilities have a footprint of 3.700 m² and include:

  • 10 wire automatic machines for cutting, crimping, tinning,
  • several semi-automatic crimping and stripping-crimping machines
  • several IDC automatic machines
  • 5 welding automatic machines
  • several soldering and tinning units
  • tool shop with CNC milling, CNC drilling machines and grinding machines and other equipment
  • 5 vertical plastic injection molding machines
  • 2 hot melt plastic machines
  • special optical measurement equipment
  • 3-D-CNC measurement equipment incl. additional visual equipment
  • several test machines for electrical test´s also other test equipment
  • 100 assembly tables
  • R&D office with CAD software
SL Elektronik Mechanik GmbH

SL Elektronik Mechanik GmbH is an engineering company, based in southern Germany, specializing, for over 27 years, in high-performance motor drives and, later, also, in electronics for lighting, sensors and switches. Over the years, they have become highly-skilled in designing applications for the power tool, white good, medical and other industries. In cooperation with Elrad, SL offers the following services:

  • Consulting during the first stage of the ideation phase of your project
  • Feasibility studies
  • Hard- and Software development
  • EMC design reviews
  • prototyping and small-series build
  • Coordination and support for mass production.
EACH Connecting Solutions

EACH is a product development company, located in Lisbon - Portugal, specializes in wireless and low power (IOT) products.
With a multidisciplinary team EACH can support their customers in all stages of the product life cycle.
From Starting with idea generation, developing the product, prototyping and null series build to mass production and passing certifications.

Throughout the years products have been developed and produced for a variety of industries like Agriculture, Medical, Remote Monitoring, Home Appliances and others.

In our new factory of 1000m2 EACH can offer:

  • Fast Prototyping
  • null series production
  • Small series production
  • Preparation for mass production
  • Engineering services and consultancy (Software, Firmware, Hardware and Mechanical)




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